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  • Installation of power plants Construction and optimization of post and high voltage networks
  • Construction and optimization of pumping stations and refineries
  • Optimization and overhaul of power plants
  • Installation and commissioning of pipelines for water and sewage installationsMaintenance of plant and equipment for power plant, post and network, water and sewage, and oil and gas.
  • Geotechnical operations, drilling and rehabilitation of drains Construction works and facilities of dam and power plant
  • Providing technical, engineering and industrial consulting services

  • Certificate of ISO 9001-2008 from IMQ Institute
  • Certificate of Competency ranked a force, four water and five facilities and five oil and gas
  • HSE-MS certificate
  • Certification of operation, maintenance and repair of hydroelectric power plants
  • Membership in the Syndicate of Iran’s Electricity Industry
  • Certificate of Establishment of Knowledge Management System


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